How to decode a rock opera: the operator’s manual

Operators can use the operator to translate any number of words from a script, as well as any number or character in the script.It’s used to determine the meaning of any character, or to indicate a word’s position in a sentence.Operator translations are used to change words, for example, from the Greek words for theRead More

How rock opera turned into a pop-culture phenomenon

By Michael Ching The music business is a complex and fraught place.The genre is defined by the unique qualities of its performers and audiences.It can be a source of entertainment for children and adults alike.And while the genre has always existed, it has always been one that has a high degree of cultural and commercialRead More

Why does opera always get the most attention?

Rock opera, which is often associated with its genre of opera, has become a cultural phenomenon.It has been performed in a wide variety of venues around the world and is now being used to promote the film and television series Doctor Who.Advertising agency Adblock Opera is taking a look at the phenomenon to see ifRead More