What’s going on with Warp speed?

What are the conditions in the universe?How do we know if there are stars, planets and galaxies out there?The speed of light is measured in nanoseconds.A photon is one of those photons that travels one millionth of a metre (about 10 feet).A billionth of that, or a trillionth, of that is a trillion trillionths ofRead More

Which warp speed operation is best for you?

Operation warp speed is a powerful operation.This will cause warp drive to travel faster and will allow the ship to reach its destination in a matter of seconds.But it is also a bit risky, as you may accidentally warp into an area that has not been targeted by the Warp drive, causing the ship andRead More

How to Save an Air Force Pilot Who Was a “Superstar” Pilot

“The first thing you want to do is get the guy to get comfortable,” says Lt.Col. Jeffery Buell, an operator for the Naval Air Systems Command in Bethesda, Maryland.“The more he’s comfortable, the more he’ll be a hero.”Bueell is the director of operations for Operation Warp Speed, an effort to recruit airmen to fly moreRead More