How to decode a rock opera: the operator’s manual

Operators can use the operator to translate any number of words from a script, as well as any number or character in the script.It’s used to determine the meaning of any character, or to indicate a word’s position in a sentence.Operator translations are used to change words, for example, from the Greek words for theRead More

Which operating systems should you use for your Chromebook?

On a recent trip to London, I found myself taking my Chromebook with me for work, and with me everywhere I went.While I can’t recommend the OS X or Windows versions of Chrome, there are a few things that are definitely worth considering.1.ChromeOS: It’s a really solid operating system.It’s the most recent version of theRead More

Why Opera Is Running a Budget-Driven Operating Budget

The opera world is a tough business.And while the business model for the major opera houses depends on the ability to attract the largest possible audience, there are two major reasons why opera companies need to operate in a budget-friendly manner: money and time.There is a real problem in opera, a shortage of funds, whichRead More