How to buy a Chromebook and what to expect

Updated March 10, 2019 10:00:00By Steve McCarronThe latest edition of the best selling and most influential book on Chromebooks,The Essential Chromebook, is here.The book is an entertaining and informative read with a new edition of The Operational Budget and Operating Income Formula for the Chromebook operating system.I have already had a chance to read theRead More

How to use VPNs to avoid being tracked by your ISP

There’s a new, potentially-fatal bug that lets users get tracked by ISPs.This bug has been reported by Ars Technic, and while we don’t know for sure how widespread it is, it is an important vulnerability to avoid.The bug affects all browsers, and it has been exploited by a number of attackers in recent days.The onlyRead More

Why Opera Is Running a Budget-Driven Operating Budget

The opera world is a tough business.And while the business model for the major opera houses depends on the ability to attract the largest possible audience, there are two major reasons why opera companies need to operate in a budget-friendly manner: money and time.There is a real problem in opera, a shortage of funds, whichRead More