What’s on Opera 10?

Opera 10, the new operating system that Microsoft will roll out to all Windows PCs later this month, will offer a mix of traditional desktop features with more modern features for the masses.Opera 10 is going to offer the traditional desktop experience with full support for touchscreens, and it’s going to give users more controlRead More

What is opera and why does it matter?

The word opera is not only a synonym for opera, it also has a very specific meaning.Its use has long been a part of the culture of the Italian and Greek nations.The word has long made its way into the popular imagination of its people.The idea of the opera comes from the Greek word agora,Read More

How to spot a sting operation

The secret of spotting a sting Operation Legend was a big success in Australia.It is now an internet sensation and has generated quite a bit of publicity.In Australia, Operation Legend attracted a big response, with more than 1,500,000 views on Facebook, and 1.8 million tweets about the sting.The operation was conducted from January to JuneRead More

Which is the best electric vehicle battery?

The electric vehicle industry is set to be a $1 trillion market by 2025 and its market size will increase dramatically in the coming years.But how much will that growth come in real terms?Here are some key questions about the industry:1.Will there be enough battery capacity to drive the next generation of electric cars?2.How longRead More

How to get the best jobs in opera china

In the year 2016, opera chinese opera industry in China has grown from a few hundred thousand to over 40 million people.The growth was due to two factors: an explosion of new opera houses and a new wave of opera singers who had recently graduated from school.A new wave had been emerging in the musicRead More