How to find the best soap opera spoilers

A new app called Goodspeed is designed to help you spot the best spoilers from any website.Its been downloaded nearly 300,000 times and launched on the App Store this week.It’s an app which searches for keywords like “best soap opera” and then compares their rankings to other popular search terms to determine which ones toRead More

‘This is a really tough situation’: Operators facing the tough choice between shutting down or expanding operations

The Operators’ Association (OAS) has warned that the future of Australia’s opera houses is in the balance as the state prepares to shut down.The OAS, the national trade body for opera houses, has warned the closure of Opera House Victoria, which operates around Victoria’s north-west, would be devastating for the industry.OAS President Dr Kevin TrennanRead More

A soap opera of its own

A soap operas production is set to take place on Irish shores with an actor being hired to perform his role.The production of The Big Fat Galaga will be co-produced by the Irish National Theatre Company and Irish Film Centre, the production company said in a statement on Tuesday.The actor, who has been nominated forRead More