How to buy a Chromebook and what to expect

Updated March 10, 2019 10:00:00By Steve McCarronThe latest edition of the best selling and most influential book on Chromebooks,The Essential Chromebook, is here.The book is an entertaining and informative read with a new edition of The Operational Budget and Operating Income Formula for the Chromebook operating system.I have already had a chance to read theRead More

[ALL] The Best Job Interview Questions

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Which operating systems should you use for your Chromebook?

On a recent trip to London, I found myself taking my Chromebook with me for work, and with me everywhere I went.While I can’t recommend the OS X or Windows versions of Chrome, there are a few things that are definitely worth considering.1.ChromeOS: It’s a really solid operating system.It’s the most recent version of theRead More

Google Chrome OS is a ‘popeye’ operating system

Operating Systems are a tricky subject to understand.The best way to understand the technical details is to try and understand them.But this can be difficult when it comes to the broader community of users.We’ve been working to make this easier by adding a handy chart and explanation to the title of this article.In short, ifRead More