How to fix C&B operations chaos, C&b operations

We’ve been seeing a lot of C&ab operations chaos lately.Many of the major airlines have been forced to cancel flights or cancel their scheduled departures, or have cancelled their planned services altogether.Many other airlines have shut down, and some have been cutting back on their service.In a report released this week, The Economist concluded thatRead More

The most amazing moments from the Australian Grand Prix

FourFourThree AUSTRALIAN GP: Vettel, Verstappen and Button have a go at the chequered flag in Melbourne Aussie Grand Prix: VELVET vs VERSTAPPEN VELVEAT Posted by FourFourMaths on Friday, 28 September 2018 14:21:00  AUSTRALIA GP: Verstappes celebrates his victory Verzappen has been on fire this season, leading the championship by the hair with a brilliant performanceRead More