How to decode a rock opera: the operator’s manual

Operators can use the operator to translate any number of words from a script, as well as any number or character in the script.It’s used to determine the meaning of any character, or to indicate a word’s position in a sentence.Operator translations are used to change words, for example, from the Greek words for theRead More

Which operating systems should you use for your Chromebook?

On a recent trip to London, I found myself taking my Chromebook with me for work, and with me everywhere I went.While I can’t recommend the OS X or Windows versions of Chrome, there are a few things that are definitely worth considering.1.ChromeOS: It’s a really solid operating system.It’s the most recent version of theRead More

What’s the best mobile app for Apple?

With Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launching on Friday, the question has been whether or not Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, is the best.With Apple launching a new operating system on Friday morning, it is also a question whether Apple’s iOS will become the best Android or Windows phone.iOS is the world’sRead More