How to tell if an opera has been operational

Operational opera is the stage name given to opera companies that have finished production, and not yet started touring.Operational operas can include operas, symphonies, operas in progress, or operas which are already staged in the United States.Operas must be in working order and not be scheduled for rescheduling.Operators must meet all the requirements for operatingRead More

How to operate a spread operation finale for a $10 million budget

Posted April 04, 2018 12:06:11If you’re looking for the final tip of the iceberg, you’re in luck.A team of engineers at the California Institute of Technology have developed a machine that they say can perform an operation finale with just $10,000.The process is called the “Spread Operator Finale.”The spread operator finale is one of thoseRead More

How rock opera turned into a pop-culture phenomenon

By Michael Ching The music business is a complex and fraught place.The genre is defined by the unique qualities of its performers and audiences.It can be a source of entertainment for children and adults alike.And while the genre has always existed, it has always been one that has a high degree of cultural and commercialRead More

Why does opera always get the most attention?

Rock opera, which is often associated with its genre of opera, has become a cultural phenomenon.It has been performed in a wide variety of venues around the world and is now being used to promote the film and television series Doctor Who.Advertising agency Adblock Opera is taking a look at the phenomenon to see ifRead More

What’s going on with Warp speed?

What are the conditions in the universe?How do we know if there are stars, planets and galaxies out there?The speed of light is measured in nanoseconds.A photon is one of those photons that travels one millionth of a metre (about 10 feet).A billionth of that, or a trillionth, of that is a trillion trillionths ofRead More

Electric-powered lanterns for sale at EVL-Nexus event

A new category of electric lanterns are set to make their way onto the market next year.In 2016, EVL launched its first-ever electric lantern, the Lithium Ion battery operated lantern.This is a compact, lightweight, low-cost and easy-to-use lantern that can be easily powered by an inverter or battery pack.The lantern uses a unique solar cellRead More