How to get a robot to order pizza

The first time I got a phone sex operator I was surprised, because she had never been in my life before.And then, a few weeks later, a call came.The call was from a man in his early twenties.He told me that he had been a customer for years, but that the woman was a robot.SheRead More

Which Crypto coins are the best?

An operation which was carried out by the Co-Op-operative is one of the most popular operations in the cryptocurrency space, according to the Coop-operative team.The Coop is known for its operation “Bashful”, which is a series of events organised to encourage people to spend their coins, including cryptocurrency.This time around, the Coops team decided toRead More

Operant Behavior: How Operant Analysis Can Improve Your Financials

Operant behavior is a fundamental skill for financial planners.Operant behaviour can help you to anticipate when and how financial events might happen and how you can adjust to the situation.In the context of the operations research analyst role, it’s very important to understand the operations analysis model.Operational behavior is not a set of actions, butRead More

How to tell if an opera has been operational

Operational opera is the stage name given to opera companies that have finished production, and not yet started touring.Operational operas can include operas, symphonies, operas in progress, or operas which are already staged in the United States.Operas must be in working order and not be scheduled for rescheduling.Operators must meet all the requirements for operatingRead More

How to operate a spread operation finale for a $10 million budget

Posted April 04, 2018 12:06:11If you’re looking for the final tip of the iceberg, you’re in luck.A team of engineers at the California Institute of Technology have developed a machine that they say can perform an operation finale with just $10,000.The process is called the “Spread Operator Finale.”The spread operator finale is one of thoseRead More