How to watch “Toni Erdmann” on Netflix

A new Netflix original feature from German director Toni Erdman and French actress Christine Hirsch will be available this week.“Tómei Erdmann,” the German-language version of Erdmann’s 2011 film “Támés,” will be released Friday.The German-speaking version of “TÜmés” will be made available to English-speaking viewers on Netflix in the U.S. on Friday.“Tómes” is the third installmentRead More

The 2018 FIFA World Cup™ schedule will be released this week

The FIFA World Cups 2018 schedule will become public on Monday. The announcement will be made at FIFA’s annual general meeting, held in Zurich. It comes just a week after the United States’ World Cup campaign was delayed indefinitely after the World Cup bid committee decided to wait for FIFA to release its final World Cup-related draftRead More

How to buy a Chromebook and what to expect

Updated March 10, 2019 10:00:00By Steve McCarronThe latest edition of the best selling and most influential book on Chromebooks,The Essential Chromebook, is here.The book is an entertaining and informative read with a new edition of The Operational Budget and Operating Income Formula for the Chromebook operating system.I have already had a chance to read theRead More

How to find the best soap opera spoilers

A new app called Goodspeed is designed to help you spot the best spoilers from any website.Its been downloaded nearly 300,000 times and launched on the App Store this week.It’s an app which searches for keywords like “best soap opera” and then compares their rankings to other popular search terms to determine which ones toRead More

How to decode a rock opera: the operator’s manual

Operators can use the operator to translate any number of words from a script, as well as any number or character in the script.It’s used to determine the meaning of any character, or to indicate a word’s position in a sentence.Operator translations are used to change words, for example, from the Greek words for theRead More

An LED lantern for battery operated lamps: A prototype

This article is a part of a series about the design of small, battery-operated lamps, and a project in India.For more, see the “Artificial lighting for small devices” series. In India, many manufacturers are developing lanterns that use LEDs and other energy-saving technologies. The lamp is also known as a LED lamp, and the LED light sourceRead More