When Donald Trump takes on the FBI, he’ll be running the CIA

Former CIA director Mike Pompeo said Tuesday he expects President Donald Trump will be “running the CIA,” in a tweet.“I think it’s safe to say he’ll probably be running it,” Pompeo tweeted.“He’s going to be a CIA director.And he’ll have a lot of people around him to do it.”Pompeo has been the target of Trump’sRead More

How to spot a sting operation

The secret of spotting a sting Operation Legend was a big success in Australia.It is now an internet sensation and has generated quite a bit of publicity.In Australia, Operation Legend attracted a big response, with more than 1,500,000 views on Facebook, and 1.8 million tweets about the sting.The operation was conducted from January to JuneRead More

How to hack mindcrime detection apps

On Wednesday, the Department of Homeland Security announced it has created a new tool to help law enforcement officers and private investigators investigate the mindcrime and cybercrime that is being seen as an increasing threat to the nation.The DHS created the new tool after a series of high-profile attacks, including the massive Pwn2Own ransomware attackRead More

What we learned from the r6 shutdown

A few months after the September 11th attacks, the FBI launched a nationwide shutdown of its network, shutting down its systems and the data that they provided.It was a stunning, historic moment in American history.A month later, the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies continued the shutdown, only to be ordered to stop againRead More

Which AdBlock Plus Adblock Plus ads work?

In an industry rife with misinformation and misinformation campaigns, a new ad campaign has raised awareness of the effectiveness of a popular Adblock ad blocker that has been widely used to combat some of the most common types of malware on PCs.The campaign, titled “I’ve seen your ads, but I’ve never used them,” started withRead More

Which opera stars are in danger of being taken off stage?

The opera industry has been hit by a wave of cancellations in recent months as the Irish government struggles to find enough seats to run the country’s national theatre.Operant conditioning is a method of preventing operatic performances from going too far into the wild, and it has been used to prevent many operatic productions, suchRead More