US operator Net operating income rises 2.4% for fourth quarter, net income before interest, taxes and depreciation hit $1.1 billion

By Sarah Tew/ReutersPosted October 12, 2018 12:21:16Analyst consensus is the U.S. operator Net Operating Income (OII) for the fourth quarter rose 2.6%, to $1,732.4 million, from $1 (0.7) billion in the year-ago period.Net income before the tax impact of interest, tax depreciation and other items (which is a proxy for operating income) for Net OperatingRead More

Metropolis: The Year That Changed the World

The Year that Changed the Year article In the year of Trump’s inauguration, Metropolis was the first musical to receive a Grammy nomination for best album, for the first time ever.The album, by Grammy-winning composers and songwriters Michael Giacchino and Richard Rodgers, premiered on March 17, 2017 at the Lincoln Center and sold more thanRead More

Crane Operator Salary and Benefits

As a crane operator, you will earn a salary and benefits package.You can apply for a job at any point in your career.It is important to note that your employer may be able to offer more benefits, depending on the position you have applied for.However, the average salary and the benefits package will vary dependingRead More

What is a concrete operational?

In this episode of the TimeCast, the guys talk about concrete operational.What exactly is concrete operational and why do we need it?And what are the most important challenges we face when it comes to concrete operations?This episode was recorded in late January and early February 2018.

How to create your own smart home robot

A smart home bot might seem a little strange to most, but they are actually fairly simple to build.The smart home is a collection of devices, from light switches and thermostats to door locks and washing machines, that interact with one another to control a house.A smart device can control the lights, lights and fans,Read More

What is an ‘artificial light’ and why are we getting it?

By James TaylorPublished February 20, 2018 4:12PMUpdated February 21, 2018 1:30AMIf you’re a new mom or new dad, you’re probably wondering about the use of lightbulbs in your home.You’ve probably heard of light bulbs as “artificial lights” or as “light-emitting diodes” or LEDs.But is this really what we need?For starters, it’s important to remember thatRead More

Which is the best electric vehicle battery?

The electric vehicle industry is set to be a $1 trillion market by 2025 and its market size will increase dramatically in the coming years.But how much will that growth come in real terms?Here are some key questions about the industry:1.Will there be enough battery capacity to drive the next generation of electric cars?2.How longRead More

Which is better? Battery operated lamps or electric cars?

Electric cars and batteries are the future.In an age when many cars are already plug-in hybrids, battery powered vehicles could take over for the majority of cars by the middle of the century.However, if you’re interested in buying an electric car today, you probably won’t be able to go all-electric for long, as automakers areRead More