Which police departments are using drones for operations?

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has approved the first U.C.L.A. drone to fly for an operational task, the agency announced Friday.

The U.K. Police Service is using drones to help the force conduct counterterrorism operations.

In 2016, the British Government ordered the RAF to provide a drone to help it train police in remote areas, and the Department of Defense awarded contracts for a drone that can monitor remote battlefields.

The Federal Aviation Administration will begin approving the first commercial use of a drone for law enforcement in 2021, FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said.

The agency expects to have about 30 commercial drones available by 2020, and to have thousands in the air by 2025, Huertas office said.

“We believe we are in a unique position to develop and test new technologies that can better serve our country in all of its facets,” Huerts office said in a statement.

“Drones can offer a new capability for the American people and help to enhance public safety and ensure the nation remains a safe place to live, work and play.”

The UCC has about 2,500 employees.

The FBI has about 9,500 and the CIA about 7,000.

The Department of Justice has about 1,600.