Who is John McCain’s best friend?

A number of members of Congress are reportedly planning to introduce legislation that would prohibit President John McCain from using the word “American” in his title of the next Republican president.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine is planning to bring a bill that would bar McCain from calling the next president an American-born person.

And Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina is planning a bill to block McCain from naming a replacement for the president who has served for less than two years.

McCain is widely expected to run for re-election in 2020.

McCain’s use of the term “American,” however, is a common occurrence among many Republicans.

Republicans are expected to use the term to criticize Trump.

Trump has used the term several times in recent months, in reference to former President Barack Obama.

In July, McCain told CNN that he was glad Trump didn’t “do the same to me” in terms of the country.

“I thought he’d do the same thing to me,” McCain said.

“So I’m glad he didn’t do the exact same thing.”