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An operation which was carried out by the Co-Op-operative is one of the most popular operations in the cryptocurrency space, according to the Coop-operative team.

The Coop is known for its operation “Bashful”, which is a series of events organised to encourage people to spend their coins, including cryptocurrency.

This time around, the Coops team decided to run a campaign called “Co-operative Christmas”, in which they invited a bunch of people to participate in “Cooperative Christmas” for a month.

They called it “BASHFUL”, and it is a campaign where people spend their money and share the cryptocurrency with others.

In this campaign, participants could donate any amount to the charity of their choice, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

“It is a bit difficult to explain how awesome it is that we could bring together a community of like-minded people and get everyone together for a full month of BASHFULs and the community gets to share it all, but it is awesome,” Coop co-founder and CEO David O’Brien said in a post on the Cooper website.

After the campaign ended, the community received the following messages: “BASE-10.10.2018: We are officially ending BASH2019, but don’t fret, we will continue to keep up the fun with a big event coming up for December 10th.

Thanks for participating and thanks for supporting the Coopers!




In a series post, Coop team members said they are happy with the success of the campaign, and hope that it inspires other communities to participate.

For more details on BASH 2019, check out the CoOp’s official website.

Image credit: The Coop.com team