When you’re a big fish in a small pond: The five rules of fish-catching

What are the five rules that will make or break a catch?

This is a common question that is asked by anglers and fisherman as we look for fish for our fishing season.

Here are the rules that are in place and how to follow them.

Operator rules When a fish is caught, it has to be identified by its colour and the location of the head.

It has to have a clear outline of the body.

Operators should be able to distinguish between a small fish (for example, a king mackerel) and an adult fish (like a tuna).

Fish that have been caught before are known as fresh.

Fish that are caught a second time are called caught and have been marked for identification.

Operator colours A fish’s colour can be changed on its head and fins.

Yellow and green are common.

Red and orange are less common.

Blue is also a colour.

Fish in particular should be marked in accordance with the following rules: The fish should have a dark brown belly.