How to calculate the average score in NHL games

A hockey statistician will be on hand on Saturday at the United Center to analyze the stats for the 2015-16 season.

The NHLPA has put together a team of statistical analysts to analyze all the games and to evaluate each game and player for potential biases and statistical anomalies.

Here’s a quick look at what you need to know to be a part of this effort.


How does this work?

The Hockey Stats Project is a project of the NHLPA that aims to improve the statistical analysis of NHL games by identifying and reporting on potential biases in data, analysis and reporting.

The project is also working with ESPN to provide access to the data for their game tracking, including their game-by-game coverage.

The work is being conducted by the NHL’s Hockey Analytics Center (HAC), which has been run by the league since 2007.

The goal of the project is to identify trends, detect potential anomalies, and report on how to correct them.

The HAC will also collect and analyze all of the game data for all 32 teams that will be in the NHL by the end of the season.


How can I help?

The goal of this project is two-fold: 1.

To identify trends in hockey statistics and 2.

To provide statistical analysis and analysis to the NHL.

To do this, the HAC’s statistical team will analyze every game and all players for potential bias and statistical noise.

The Hockey Analytics Project is expected to produce a report on the results of the analysis by late September.


Can I contribute to the Hac?

Yes, you can.

All you need is an account on the Hockey Analytics Team website (

Once you’ve signed up, you will be able to submit your own data and analysis.


What are the data points for the analysis?

The data from the Hockey Stats project is expected by the start of the 2015 season to provide a better picture of the underlying data for the game.

The data can be used to predict future performance.

The goal is to provide statistical analyses on all games, but this is not limited to just the ones the Hatic have identified.

The analysis will also look at players and/or teams and their impact on the outcome of games.


Can players or teams have any influence on the analysis and/ or the conclusions?

No, they can’t.

The statistical analysis will be done using the existing hockey data.

The game data and players will not be used for statistical analysis.


What is the deadline for the project?

The deadline to participate in the Hockey Statistics Project is the first Monday in September, 2015.

The report will be published on HockeyAnalytics.


The deadline is 5 p.m.

ET on Friday, December 16.

There will be a Q&A session following the release of the report and the Hockey Analysts Panel discussion.


Can NHL players and teams share their data?


The first five weeks of the study will be open to the public and will be made available for free via the Hockey Analysis Center’s website.

The following week, the Hockey Analyst Panel discussion will be held in front of the HockeyStats Panel to provide feedback and suggestions.


Is the data public?


The information collected and analyzed for the HATP will be collected and stored in a secure, non-public environment.

Hockey Analytics will not have access to players’ or teams’ data, and the data collected will not go on to the Hockeyanalytics Team website. will have access, but it will be publicly available.


Will the HockeyAnalysts Panel discuss or discuss the data?

No; the Hockey analyst panel discussion will not include any discussion or analysis on the data.


Can the HockeyAnalysis Team or the HACC use the HockeyData and sites?

No for the first five games of the HASP, and no after that.

The last five games will be available on Hockeyanalytic.

Com for the public to use.

The site will be updated throughout the study to provide new data.


Can there be an exception?

There is no such exception.

All players will be treated equally and will have the same access to data, analyses and reporting as any other NHL player.

The study will not create any special or unfair advantages or disadvantages.


How do I join the HockeyTeam?

Anyone who wants to be part of the team can join the hockey analytics team by clicking on the button below: is the only site that has a hockey analytics group.

You can sign up to the team by going to the website and filling out the required information.

For more information on joining the Hockeyteam, click here.


How much data will be used?

The team will use the information it collects to develop a report for the NHL Players’ Association.

The reports will be based on the most