How to stop the execution of the Chinese opera singer, who was arrested for murder last year

The man suspected of killing the actress and her lover has been sentenced to death in China.

The court in the eastern province of Jiangsu sentenced the man, Chen Xingxing, to death for the killing of the woman and her husband, the People’s Daily reported.

Chen was detained in October last year for the crime and the man was convicted and sentenced last year.

His lawyers argued his client was innocent, the report said.

Carnival and opera star Cui Yingqing (L) is pictured during the Chinese New Year Parade in Beijing, China, in this January 21, 2021 file photo.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) announced it would abolish the death penalty in the country in 2016, saying it was “unjust and cruel”.

But it also said it would continue to execute people who commit “grave crimes” including drug trafficking, murder and theft.