How to recharge your smartphone battery?

Operated by the Chinese-owned Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, the Chinese version of the app is a smartphone-like app that allows users to download a battery-operated lantern and run it for a couple of minutes, and then record the result.

The app is available in more than 70 countries, and it was the first to be available for Android devices in India.

However, it is not yet available for the iPhone or Windows Phone.

According to the app’s description, it “recharges and keeps your phone charged up, while charging the phone”.

It also allows users “to run a small amount of light through the battery” and “take photos with a video camera” as well as “take selfies and videos”.

Users can also use the app to record music with a camera and a microphone, and to take photos with their phone, and send it to a friend.

The photo uploader can also save the photos to their phone for later use, the app said.

Users can upload videos, photos, and music to the application using the ‘Share’ button, which shows up on the screen and can be edited using the app.

The function allows users take the photos and videos in a different resolution, in case they need them to edit.

The app’s feature list is also very extensive, with a feature called ‘Share’, which shows the last five photos that were taken, the last 5 minutes, the current time, and the last 10 photos.

The photos can then be sent to the friend’s phone and downloaded to the user’s device.

The friend can also edit the photos with the app and upload them to their own device.

The application also offers ‘Camera’ to take videos and images, which is where the app will upload the images, and ‘Music’ to upload music.

Users can use the ‘share’ function to upload videos and photos.

The company is currently trying to build a global version of its app.

A Chinese company called iDuo launched a similar app called iCloud Mobile in October.