Donut operator found dead after crash on Interstate 35

OPERANT: Donut operators are getting a lot of attention right now because of the recent events in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about what’s going on.

A woman was killed in a crash on the interstate in Oklahoma last week.

That crash was a pretty serious one.

Now the Oklahoma Highway Patrol is looking at what caused that accident.

The crash happened around 5:30 p.m. on Interstate 85, north of Tulsa.

There were no reports of any injuries.

Investigators are looking into whether there was a traffic or an electrical problem.

The Oklahoma Highway Guard said it’s been working on the scene since then.

Investigators were still on the highway Wednesday, and it was clear the driver was dead.

This happened on a busy highway.

So we’re still working with our partners at the Oklahoma State Patrol, who are investigating the accident and our state troopers, who were on the road that day, and we’re going to continue to investigate this accident.

We have a lot more questions about it and we will keep you updated.

Now on to the Oklahoma City accident.

I mean, what happened?

I mean did it happen, what caused it?

How many people were involved?

And what were the drivers involved?

The Oklahoma City Fire Department said two people were killed in the crash.

Two people, three people, that is, three drivers.

They said that they were traveling northbound on I-85 when they lost control of their vehicle and hit a concrete median.

That’s the location where the crash happened.

That happened about five miles north of Oklahoma City.

The other vehicle involved was a tractor trailer, the driver of which was not injured.

That was a semi-tractor.

So there were at least three people involved.

It was a terrible crash, a terrible incident.

The accident has taken a toll on everyone involved, the highway patrol, the fire department, and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

It’s a real, real tragedy.

We’re working with the Oklahoma Insurance Department on the crash investigation.

What we’re looking for is if this is an accident involving multiple people, and that’s what happened, if you’ve seen anything, anything that suggests something happened to people or vehicles, we’re trying to work with you to get that.

We can’t have the entire scene.

We want to make sure that we have the full picture of what happened.

So that’s a big piece of it.

Now how did the accident happen?

There was a crash about four miles north and south of where we found the deceased driver.

We found her in the median, northbound.

It is very difficult to determine exactly what caused the accident.

But the truck that she was traveling in was going southbound, and she was in the wrong lane and the truck was traveling southbound.

There was no traffic going on at the time, so there was no other way to make it into that area.

There is a concrete block at the intersection that separates the two lanes.

So, the truck came to a stop in the middle of the concrete block and the front of the truck hit the concrete.

It just seemed to go right into the middle, and there was nothing that could have caused it.

We don’t know exactly what happened between the driver and the driver.

There’s also some evidence of a fire.

The driver is dead.

We know that the truck is on fire, and a fire official was at the scene and has confirmed that it was a fire and that the fire was the driver’s fault.

The truck driver is OK, but there is a witness who was at that intersection who saw that the driver did not appear to be in control of the vehicle and the crash occurred.

So I think we’ll get more information.

We’ll keep you posted.

Now you have a major highway accident in Oklahoma and you’re talking about multiple fatalities.

We hear that that is a very serious situation.

So the fact that it’s a highway accident and it’s in Oklahoma is a real concern, especially in this day and age, with this type of traffic on the highways.

We are going to do everything we can to make that investigation a successful one.

It has been a very stressful time for all of us, for the families of the victims and the witnesses who are trying to get the full story out.

The highway patrol and state troopers have a team that is doing an investigation right now.

They have been out there for a while looking at everything.

They’re doing all kinds of things.

They’ve got a bomb robot out there, they’re doing a search of the area, and they’re trying their best to figure out what happened and how.

They are doing their best, and hopefully they will be able to find the driver, and then we will be getting all the information and we’ll have the facts.

And we will continue to do that.

So again, we will share the information we have with you, as quickly as we