When is the next Israeli military offensive against Iran?

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s (IRGC) military is conducting a major offensive in western Iran, with its Revolutionary Guard saying it has seized a key oil field, an oil port and two key strategic sites in eastern Iran.

The IRGC’s recent success in securing the western oil fields, located in western Qom and the eastern province of Qazvin, as well as the southern oil port of Esfahan, is a major development that will lead to an escalation in the fighting between the two powers.

“The Qom-Qazvin area has been the major focus of the IRGC offensive, and the group has now taken control of Esfa and is in control of several strategic points,” said Major General Mohammad Ali Haji, spokesman for the Revolutionary Guard’s external military affairs department.

The Qumran oil field was the second largest in Iran, after Qom, and its capture would significantly increase the size of the oil fields in the country, according to Iran analyst Mehdi Aslan.

Qumran is located between Iran and Iraq.

The Qumrant field was already the third largest in Iraq.

The Islamic Republic has been in a constant state of conflict with Iran, which has been trying to expand its influence in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere.

In recent weeks, the Islamic Republic, which is backed by Iran, has been attempting to consolidate its hold on the region through military and economic activities.

On Saturday, the IRG’s Quds Force announced that it had seized control of the Esfah-Khanj and Esfaha oil fields.

The two fields are located in eastern Qom province, and were once considered strategic points.

On Friday, the Quds Forces’ Quds Air Force carried out a major military operation in western Iranian provinces, which also included the seizure of the northern oil port city of Esbil.

In the western province of Esfil, which lies near the Qumaran oil field and is controlled by the IRGs Revolutionary Guard, the Iranian military claimed to have taken control over the southern port city Esfad, located just east of the Qom oil field.

In Esfaj, the Revolutionary Guards said they had taken control and is now in control and control of two oil-rich fields in western Esfaz and the southeastern port city Khasan.

On Thursday, the Iranians also said they took control of a major oil field in western Balad, south of the capital.

The province is currently under the control of an Iraqi Shiite militia, the Popular Mobilization Forces.

In its first major offensive since mid-March, the Iran-backed Popular Mobilizations Forces also took control over a key bridge in eastern Iranian cities of Isfahan and Khorasan.

Iran also claimed that it has taken control a key highway in western Khuzestan, and is currently in control over two bridges in western Karbala, another area in western Irans western Qamishli province.

The Popular Mobilizers forces have been trying unsuccessfully to retake these areas since March 20.