When Donald Trump takes on the FBI, he’ll be running the CIA

Former CIA director Mike Pompeo said Tuesday he expects President Donald Trump will be “running the CIA,” in a tweet.

“I think it’s safe to say he’ll probably be running it,” Pompeo tweeted.

“He’s going to be a CIA director.

And he’ll have a lot of people around him to do it.”

Pompeo has been the target of Trump’s most persistent and sustained criticism.

He has been accused of leaking classified information and of having a “frenzy” about his job that has led to “unacceptable” and “unprecedented” delays in the confirmation of FBI director nominee Andrew McCabe.

Pompeo is now considered a potential candidate for the job of CIA director, a post that he served as the agency’s chief until being tapped by Trump to be CIA director in March.

Trump and Pompeo have clashed over national security and foreign policy.

In a speech last month, Trump called Pompeo a “disgrace” and said he would appoint a replacement for him at the CIA “who has never done anything wrong.”

The president has said he’s open to replacing Pompeo.

“As a candidate, I had no doubt that Mike Pompeos loyalty to our country would be second to none,” Trump said at the time.

“The loyalty of the CIA director is to our nation and the CIA.

I will not fire him.”