How to spot a sting operation

The secret of spotting a sting Operation Legend was a big success in Australia.

It is now an internet sensation and has generated quite a bit of publicity.

In Australia, Operation Legend attracted a big response, with more than 1,500,000 views on Facebook, and 1.8 million tweets about the sting.

The operation was conducted from January to June last year and involved police from several states, including New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Police from New South Walsall arrested two men who were travelling in a car.

The man in the car was later charged with assault causing harm, and the car driver was arrested for allegedly failing to stop.

The operation was carried out by Operation Legend, the Australian Federal Police, and Victoria Police.

Operation Legend was not an entirely successful operation.

The car was stopped, but the two men were not arrested.

The driver of the car, James Jones, was found not guilty.

But it was an interesting operation for police, and it attracted attention around the world.

“The reaction to the sting is incredible,” says Detective Inspector Andrew Smith, who heads the New South West Police Corruption Unit.

“I can’t remember a sting that was so controversial in the community, so controversial that it generated so much interest.”

It was a different story for Operation Legend in the US.

In the US, Operation Curse was an investigation into illegal drug dealing, and resulted in convictions of the men involved.

In Australia, the sting operation was a bit different.

It involved the Metropolitan Opera and was a part of Operation Legend.

Operation Curse is a big deal for Australian law enforcement.

It involves an undercover sting operation and involves the FBI, the Queensland Police and Victoria police.

During Operation Curse, undercover officers posing as businessmen were contacted by a woman who said they were looking for a woman called ‘Ruth’.

After meeting her, the undercover officers went to a restaurant and took her to a suite where she was paid $50,000.

The sting was planned in secret, but it was successful.

At the time, the woman was known to the undercover police, so the sting was a success.

However, after the sting, the Metropolitan Police started investigating and were able to arrest a man in Melbourne.

Police found the man had used a fraudulent company, and they were able, in a bid to cover up their actions, to give him an early release from prison.

The Metropolitan Police’s operation in Australia involved a $1 million reward.

A major success in the Australian community has been Operation Curse.

It has been reported that more than 500,000 people have seen the sting in Australia, and a big number of people have written to police to complain about the operation.

It also generated a lot of media attention.

And now the public are starting to catch on.

There are already some calls for the Australian Government to introduce a new law that will outlaw the use of sting operations, to prevent them from occurring in the future.

We need to take a look at this, and to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Detective Inspector Smith says.