What happened to the Queen’s personal assistant, the queen’s private secretary, the private secretary of the British ambassador?

A royal aide and a private secretary have been sacked by the Queen, the Queen has ordered the closure of a royal private office in the run-up to her coronation.

The dismissal of the two aides comes as the Queen prepares to leave office, following a public debate over her future plans.

The decision to remove the two private secretaries comes as it emerged that former private secretary to the queen, Lady Margaret Chisholm, had been offered a job in the British embassy.

Catherine Haines, the head of the Queen Mother’s private office, was among those who were informed of the dismissal of Lady Margaret and the replacement of her assistant, Sarah Chisholt, by the royal governor of the overseas territories.

Sarah Chishocholt, who had been promoted to the position of deputy assistant to the monarch, was dismissed by the Royal Governors of the Territories last month.

“The royal governors are not to be confused with the royal private secretary,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

Chisholt and Chisholdt are the first women to be removed from the royal household since the coronation of the monarch.

In February, the first of two former private secretaries was given the role of assistant to Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall.

Lady Margaret, who was promoted to deputy assistant, was described as a “princely woman” and “a great lady”.

In July, it emerged the Queen had decided to change the Queen mother’s daily schedule, starting from 7.30am, as part of a package of measures to make the coronational ceremony more welcoming to the public.

At the time, the announcement was criticised as a move that would disrupt public order and led to speculation that she had been replaced by her sister.

This week, the Duke of Edinburgh told the BBC he had been told to “do what I can” to help the Queen after a letter to the king had been passed to the Duke and Duchess by the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

A spokeswoman for the Queen told the ABC she was unaware of the developments.

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