How to make your own battery operated soap opera

Two-year-old Alton has been diagnosed with a rare brain tumour and will need to undergo surgery for the operation.

His parents decided to have him put on an artificial battery to keep him awake and allow him to continue the process of recovering.

But the idea is not without risk and it has prompted a number of people to share their experiences of battery operated treatments.

We know from the experience of other parents that it’s better to have a positive experience rather than a negative one, said the mother of two.

We’re trying to do things that we feel are more comfortable for our child, so that when the time comes to take him off that battery he can be comfortable and that it won’t cause harm to his body.

It is so important that the child is comfortable with what we’re doing.

The operation will take place in his home, so he will have to be kept awake by the family, the surgeon said.

When he is awake, the surgery will be done to remove the tumour, which will be treated with a chemotherapy drug.

It will take four to six weeks for the tumours to fully heal, and Alton will be fitted with an artificial bladder to allow the patient to stay awake.

But it is hoped that the battery operated treatment will be used to stop him developing the tumorous tumours, which would allow him time to resume his normal routine.

A spokesman for Alton’s family said the baby was doing well, and was in good spirits and is doing well in his recovery.

“He’s in good shape and doing well with his treatment, he is doing really well, so we are hopeful that he will be back at home as soon as possible,” he said.

Alton has already been receiving treatment, and the parents plan to take a break from the operation to spend time with their families.

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