‘You know the way to the top’: How to get rich by selling your soul

An opera glasses magnate is looking to sell his soul in order to finance his ambitious plan to become a billionaire.

The billionaire, who calls himself the “Eternal One” on his website, hopes to sell “all of my assets in one transaction” to raise the $100 million he needs to buy an 18,000-square-foot mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.

“It will be my absolute last gift to my family and friends,” the 36-year-old wrote in a blog post on Tuesday.

This isn’t the first time that Mr. Wasserstrom has tried to sell off his assets.

He once offered to sell the property to the tune of $400 million, according to a report by Forbes.

However, he says he’s not looking to go broke just yet.

A source close to Mr. Wentzstrom told the Associated Press that he is “furious” over the reports that he sold off some of his investments.

His business partner and business partner’s son is the chief executive of a major tech company, and his daughter works as a consultant for an investment bank.

Mr. Wentzer said he’s “not at all worried” about his business or finances being put in jeopardy.

On his blog, he said he has no interest in becoming a billionaire and said that he has “no plans” to sell any of his assets, including his family home.

In a statement, the Florida Chamber of Commerce said it was “shocked and saddened” by Mr.

Wasserstrom’s decision.

The statement did not elaborate. “

We are looking into his decision, and we are confident that our members and stakeholders are invested in this opportunity to be the next billionaire in the world.”

The statement did not elaborate.

Another business venture that Mr Wasserstro’s blog has touted is a real estate investment fund he founded with his brother, Michael, who is also a billionaire in his own right.

Mr. Waserstrom, who lives in a $1.8 million Miami mansion, said he was looking for a way to finance the purchase of the mansion and the purchase and development of a $50 million park in the Florida Keys.

It is unclear whether he’s considering a real-estate transaction in Florida.

A representative for the Florida Port Authority did not immediately respond to a request for comment.