How to get into Operation Dumbo Drop: A guide for anyone interested in the special operations branch

Dumbo is the name given to a military operation in the Philippines during World War II, in which US Marines carried out two massive air raids on the island of Luzon.

The raid, known as Operation Dixie Drop, involved the US dropping the bombs on two Japanese cities, Marikina and Nagasaki.

The American troops who carried out the raid, nicknamed Dumbo, were known as “The Devil’s Men” by the locals, who often took the moniker as a badge of honor.

The war ended with the Allied Powers capturing most of the Philippines and the Philippines, and a large number of American POWs were sent to the US for rehabilitation.

In 2017, Operation Diddy, a joint operation by the US military and Philippine military, was re-launched with the mission of rescuing American POW Sgt. Paul Bowery.

Bowery was one of the last of the original POWs, and was freed from captivity in 1972.

The mission was to recover Bowerty and deliver him back to the United States.

The Bowerys returned to the Philippines in 1981, but a small number of POWs who had been captured by the Philippine military during the war were sent back to their home countries, where they lived in a jungle camp.

After nearly two decades of rehabilitation, Boweries family, including his wife and three sons, died in captivity in the United Kingdom.

Bowers father, James, said he was happy that Operation Dizzy was coming to the rescue of POW families, but that he didn’t want to see them all returned to their native countries.

“It’s not going to happen in our lifetime.

It’s going to take a while,” he said.