How to run NFL games with a Linux desktop, a Mac or a Windows tablet

The NFL is trying something new with its games.

The league’s website now has an app that will let users play games with Linux and Macs and Windows tablets.

The app, called NFL Mobile, is designed to work with the NFL’s official mobile apps.

NFL Mobile has been built to run games from iOS and Android, and to work on Linux and Windows.

NFL games are often played on Apple devices, and running them on the app will allow users to get their games played on any device.

The NFL Mobile app also includes an NFL Network app for iOS and OS X, and will allow the NFL to connect to streaming video services like Netflix and Amazon Video.

In addition to the apps, the NFL Mobile team is working on a desktop app that would allow users in the U.S. to stream NFL games.

NFL Media, the league’s digital marketing arm, said in a statement that NFL Mobile “will allow fans in the United States to stream their favorite games to a wide variety of devices and platforms, including Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and the upcoming Apple TV 3.”

The NFL said in its statement that it hopes to get the NFL mobile app to the public this spring.

This is the first time a professional sports team has put its own mobile app on the web.

The first NFL mobile game, the Oakland Raiders vs. the New York Jets in 2016, was played on a Mac and iOS app.