The royal opera house is now in charge of the pocket operator

The Royal Opera House has decided to become the official pocket operator of the Royal Opera of London, as a new initiative to boost tourism draws to a close.

The opera house will use the latest technology to operate a mobile phone and tablet on the grounds of the premises, where it has a capacity of about 30,000 people.

The project was started by Sir Ian McKellen and his wife, Julie.

The couple had been looking for a mobile service provider to help manage their growing number of mobile customers and the Royal Observatory House is now the preferred choice, they said.

“We’re proud to announce that the Royal London Observatory is now responsible for the Pocket Operator of the London Opera House,” said Sir Ian.

“As we’ve become a better place to live, we have seen a rise in visitors and we need a more robust service to keep the visitor experience fresh and engaging,” he added.

“This new role will help us provide a more efficient and effective service.”

The Observatory is owned by the Royal Family, and has an estimated annual revenue of $8.3 billion.

The Observatory has become a major attraction for the Royal family in recent years, attracting tens of thousands of people to its gardens and grounds every year.

The Royal Opera has been working to make sure its staff are up to date on latest technology, which has allowed it to operate the new mobile service without compromising safety.

The mobile pocket service will run on the new Royal Observatory Service, which is currently available only to Royal Family members and staff.

The Pocket Operator is responsible for managing the Pocket, providing advice on how to use the Pocket and providing updates on what is happening at the Observatory.

The service will offer a range of mobile services, from messaging to the ability to take photographs of your surroundings, and also provides an opportunity for visitors to visit and check out the Observatory and take photos.

The new service is free to use, and the Observatory is hoping that the Pocket will continue to be a popular attraction.

The Queen and her family are expected to return to the Observatory after the summer, and it is expected that the new Pocket Operator will be a part of that journey.