What is the Pacific Islands Project?

The Pacific Islands project is an international initiative that seeks to restore the remote Pacific islands and their people to their former self, by connecting people and communities on the islands to the mainland.

The project, which was launched in 2016, was funded by the Government of the Marshall Islands, the United States Agency for International Development, the Pacific Institute for Economic and Social Research, the National Council of Laotian Communities and the National Committee for Economic Development.

The Pacific Islanders project aims to achieve this by establishing a network of people and businesses in the remote communities and communities of the Pacific, through the establishment of a strong national network, and by providing employment opportunities and social support services.

This initiative was started in the 1970s by a group of Pacific Islanders who were living in remote and remote communities, seeking the opportunity to return to their homeland, and to create a strong connection to the wider Pacific community.

In addition to establishing a strong link with the community, the group also provided financial and technical assistance to local communities and governments to develop infrastructure, education, healthcare and other services.

In 2016, the project was awarded a $15.5-million grant from the Government and the Pacific Island Economic Council, which has supported the Pacific Islanders Initiative to develop a strong economic foundation for the islands and to help them become self-sufficient.

The grant was allocated through the Pacific islands initiative to help establish and sustain a strong network of businesses and economic activities that will contribute to the development of local economic activities.

This project will continue to be supported through the funding provided through the National Pacific Islands Economic Council.

In 2018, the Marshall Islanders launched the Pacific Voices initiative, which is an independent, grassroots, public-private partnership to provide financial and other support to the people of the islands in developing a strong and sustainable national network.

The partnership is designed to increase connectivity and create economic opportunities on the Pacific islanders.

The initiative is focused on empowering local businesses to offer the necessary services to the community.

The Marshall Islands are a region of the world’s Pacific Ocean, bounded by Fiji, Palau and the Philippines.

The islands are part of a chain of islands called the Kuril Archipelago.

The Kuril Islands are the smallest of the group of islands, and have a population of only 5,000 people.

They are located in the Indian Ocean, in the Southern Ocean.

The region is also home to some of the largest natural wonders in the world.

The islanders are descended from the Polynesian people who first colonized the Pacific in the 18th century.

Today, the Kurils live in a semi-autonomous state in the Marshall Island chain, and they have their own government.

The main economic activity in the Kurila Islands is fishing.

In order to preserve the Kurill Islands’ unique and rich cultural heritage, the islands are home to several cultural and historical sites that are important to the communities of Marshall Islanders and to the world at large.