What’s the best mobile app for Apple?

With Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launching on Friday, the question has been whether or not Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, is the best.

With Apple launching a new operating system on Friday morning, it is also a question whether Apple’s iOS will become the best Android or Windows phone.iOS is the world’s most popular operating system for smartphones and tablets, with more than 85 per cent of all smartphone sales in the world.

Apple’s iPhone 6 launched last month and its iPhone 6 plus is expected to be released next week.

The latest Apple earnings release on Wednesday revealed that iPhone sales have doubled year-on-year since the new iPhone 5 launched in March 2015.

Apple is the dominant force in mobile technology and is currently using more software on its mobile devices than any other company.

Apple is also one of the few companies that can compete head to head with Android on the market.

In terms of iOS, Apple has managed to take over the world and dominate smartphone and tablet computing.

Apple has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users worldwide, and it has an estimated 100 billion to 130 billion monthly iOS devices installed globally.

The new iPhone is the first phone to come with an iOS 7 operating system that brings some of the best features of iOS 7, like Face ID and iCloud support.

Apple will also be releasing an iOS 9 upgrade to its iPhone in the coming months, but the upgrade will come with some serious new features, such as the ability to turn on the microphone on iPhones.

The other major feature of iOS 9 is its new ‘Cortana’ voice assistant, which is used by Siri to take care of things like dictation and location-based searches.

While Siri is used to answer most questions, Cortana will answer more specific queries such as how long a flight is, how long it will take to drive home, or what time of day the weather is.

It has been a big year for Apple, with the company adding Siri support to its Mac operating system and launching Siri to the Apple Watch.

Apple has also been a leader in mobile virtual reality, which will help users to interact with their computers using their virtual avatars and virtual worlds.

It also launched Siri-powered apps for the iPad, iPhone, Mac, Macbook and iPod touch, as well as new virtual reality apps.