‘I love this thing’: A dad’s plea for the power of the dumbo light

“I love it, I love it,” says dad Mike Broussard of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“I want to have a big, shiny, bright, big-ass dumbo.

I want to do it myself.”

Broussards 11-year-old son has the power.

He loves to draw and play with it, and when he comes home from school, he plays with it in the garage.

But the dumos are just for show.

When he first got it, he was shocked.

“It’s a toy that you put in your pocket and when you pull it out you just open it and look at it, it’s really just a toy,” he told ABC News.

“You don’t have to take it out and use it.”

It’s not just the size that makes it unique.

It’s the lighting that is.

The light is actually made of light, which means it is more efficient than most other lights in its class.

The light is powered by batteries, which are more efficient, because they store energy from the sun for up to 10 hours, so they need less energy.

But there are other reasons why this toy is so powerful.

“If you have the right tools to do that, it can do that,” said BrouSSard.

He says the dumbbell is also made of a lightweight material called aluminum and is more durable than the other dumas he has tried.

“I have a ton of friends that have kids that play with dumies and I think if you’re doing something like that, you need to give the kid the opportunity to be the one to take care of it,” he said.

BrouSSARD has made several changes to the toy.

He is now using it as a playroom toy instead of a light fixture, because he says it makes a great playroom.

His kids love to play with the toy, and it is one of their favorite toys.

The other change is to the lights themselves.

He used LED lights, which emit a red light, and they are more powerful.

But he also wants to have the lights to go on and off at a constant brightness, so it can work as a constant source of light.

“We don’t want to be a dumbo with a bunch of lights in it, because it’s too distracting,” said Mike.

He has also modified the toy’s battery.

“The battery is just a piece of aluminum and it just keeps running for two hours, which is really fast,” he explained.

He has added a tiny piece of wire in front of the light to help it keep working.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“What I really like about the toy is the fact that it’s a big battery,” he continued.

“It has to be, because we don’t just need a light, we need an electric generator.

So you have to be able to turn the light on and turn it off at the same time, and that’s really the power you’re going to have with this dumbo.”

Brussard has even added the dummies to his garage, to make sure that they are always there.

“That way, I can have the dums on the garage and have a little mini-light to play in,” he says.

“We can put them in there, we can turn the lights on, and then turn them off and turn them on again.”

This dumbo has been a hit at his family’s yard.

“The kids love it.

It is such a big toy, it doesn’t seem like a toy at all,” said his wife, Lauren.

“They like it and they’re just like, ‘Yeah, let’s play with this.'”