Business Operations Manager at a heavy equipment operator who has been fired

Toussant is a 30-year veteran of the National Guard who has worked as a manager and supervisor for the National Guardsmen’s Association of Texas.

She has been working in the military since 2008 and is now a civilian employee at Toussen’s company, Toussan Heavy Equipment.

Toussanta is a registered nurse with the Texas Medical Board.

She is also a certified nurse anesthetist.

The company, which has a contract with the state, provides health care and life-saving care for disabled veterans and their families.

In her capacity as a Toussin Heavy Equipment manager, Tamsen worked with the military’s National Guard, Texas National Guard and the Texas National Reserve to help train and equip the Guard’s military medical unit.

She also worked as an operational manager for the Texas Army National Guard.

Tamsan was not an active duty member of the Guard at the time of her firing.

Tamsan worked in the field for Toussun.

She said that Toussache was fired for the same reason as Toussumhe was: her lack of commitment to the work she was doing.

The National Guard has said it fired Tousssanta for allegedly lying about being deployed to Afghanistan.

The Texas Guard has also said that the alleged misconduct happened as a result of a workplace environment that is hostile to the Guard.

Tests on Toussesant show no sign of PTSD, though she said she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder in the past.

Toussuans employer, Todays Todamal, said in a statement that Tamsant has a valid security clearance and that she has been cleared for her job.

Tears are streaming down Tous’ face as she tells the story of her dismissal from the military.

She says she was dismissed from her job because of her military service.

She is the third Texas woman to be fired over allegations of misconduct during her military career.

Last month, Lt.

Col. Amy Nogales, who was fired from the Texas Air National Guard after she admitted to drinking alcohol and smoking pot in the same barracks, was fired.

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Amber Lee was fired in February, after the company accused her of sexual harassment and other offenses.

She claims she was fired on the basis of her complaints that she had been sexually harassed.

Tearful Tousson says she has never been fired from her employer and believes she was unfairly fired for speaking out against sexual harassment.