When will the Redskins make a splash in free agency?

The Washington Redskins are looking for big-time free agents, and they may need some help from a few of the teams that drafted them.With just two years remaining on their rookie contracts, the Redskins have some big names on the open market this offseason.Here are some of the big names that could be available toRead More

US operator Net operating income rises 2.4% for fourth quarter, net income before interest, taxes and depreciation hit $1.1 billion

By Sarah Tew/ReutersPosted October 12, 2018 12:21:16Analyst consensus is the U.S. operator Net Operating Income (OII) for the fourth quarter rose 2.6%, to $1,732.4 million, from $1 (0.7) billion in the year-ago period.Net income before the tax impact of interest, tax depreciation and other items (which is a proxy for operating income) for Net OperatingRead More

How to be more effective at your job title

By now, you know how important your title is.It defines your personality and tells your colleagues how to react to you, which can be invaluable in communicating your importance and accomplishments.But sometimes, it can also make you look like a jerk.That’s because many employers have the mistaken belief that title is a sign of authority.ThatRead More

Metropolis: The Year That Changed the World

The Year that Changed the Year article In the year of Trump’s inauguration, Metropolis was the first musical to receive a Grammy nomination for best album, for the first time ever.The album, by Grammy-winning composers and songwriters Michael Giacchino and Richard Rodgers, premiered on March 17, 2017 at the Lincoln Center and sold more thanRead More

When Donald Trump takes on the FBI, he’ll be running the CIA

Former CIA director Mike Pompeo said Tuesday he expects President Donald Trump will be “running the CIA,” in a tweet.“I think it’s safe to say he’ll probably be running it,” Pompeo tweeted.“He’s going to be a CIA director.And he’ll have a lot of people around him to do it.”Pompeo has been the target of Trump’sRead More